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Sometimes it's hard to make all the decisions about details on your own...... 


Victoria Koppin, our in-house Selections Coordinator.  Email Victoria

Victoria Koppin, our in-house Selections Coordinator.  Email Victoria

If you need some advice or help with selecting the interior or exterior finishes to your living spaces during a renovation or new build, or if you want some ideas to enhance your home or cottage for sale, for rental, or to make it more functional for your family, Contact Us to set up a consultation appointment.  Often a few new ideas can make a daunting task much less work and more fun

Meet Victoria - Don Koppin Contracting's in-house Marketing Coordinator and Decorating Consultant. Victoria partners with a world of suppliers, inspiring you with creative ideas, current product information, catalogues, resources, samples and websites, carefully selected with your budget and lifestyle needs in mind.  She can accompany you to suppliers, even shop the marketplace for you and update you with e-mailed photos.

Victoria will be pleased to help you with decisions about interior and exterior finishes - like siding, light fixtures, flooring, trim, kitchen cabinets & hardware, bathroom fixtures, even paint, draperies & upholstery, appliances & furniture.

We try to support local suppliers if possible; you will be surprised by the wide variety of products available in this area.  We are always enthusiastic about  new, innovative, economical and environmentally-friendly products and services.


We hope that this will make your renovation or building experience less time-consuming & more worry-free.

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