New reno = a New Lifestyle in the Country!

This renovation project was a major production! 

We transformed this 4-season cottage into a year-round home to allow our clients to leave the city, maintain their careers and plan their retirement here. Many challenges were met and conquered by our determined team and a complicated design was modified to suit the area’s building codes and our clients’ budget. Tons of rock was removed or set aside for landscaping later, a Nudura ICF foundation was built for the addition, timber frame construction was combined with traditional framing, cranes lifted a structural steel beam into place and massive windows were raised 2 storeys to capture the fabulous view from the new great room.  Custom features included a country kitchen, large staircase, slate bathroom and media room.  Natural materials and finishing colours help this gorgeous new space fit in well with its wooded location.    

Ray & Carolyn's new windows.JPG