How an energy audit now can save you thousands later

Do you think you’re paying too much to heat or cool your living or working spaces?  Are some areas of your home cold or drafty? Do you have condensation on windows, dry air, ice dams or icicles on your eaves or peeling exterior paint? These are all symptoms of problems that an Energy Audit can help you to solve, problems that without solutions can cause health issues and considerable damage.

In conjunction with a licensed Energy Auditor, we highly recommend this important cost-saving service for our clients for almost any building project – on their existing home, prior to purchasing a building, before and after a renovation project and at the end of a new construction project. It is amazing how even newer buildings can have significant heat loss due to improperly placed or lack of insulation or ventilation.

If you are currently considering replacing your windows, updating your insulation, planning a renovation or addition, adding an insert to your fireplace or finishing your basement, an Energy Audit done prior to contracting the work can save a homeowner hundreds, even thousands of dollars with careful planning.

For under $500, an Energy Auditor does a “blower door test” to determine where energy losses occur from the attic to the basement and lists ways thatthese losses can be remedied and the rebate amounts available for each improvement (if applicable). The owner then determines which of the problems fits their budget and proceeds with whatever work is necessary.  Some of the work can easily be done by the homeowner, such as sealing leaks around windows and doors. Sometimes, the suggested remedies may require professional help. We can determine the costs involved, and schedule the work within the customer's budget.