Save money with better insulation


Did you know that we offer a full menu of Insulation, energy loss and ventilation services? You are paying for that extra insulation whether you install it or not. If the insulation value (R-value) of your home, office or cottage is low, and your heat loss factor is high, you’re paying for it in the cost of your heating and/or cooling, in the amount of discomfort you experience, and in the cost to remedy any problems caused by energy loss.

Don Koppin's team is trained & certified to use Thermal Imagery to assess & pinpoint energy loss issues for your residence or commercial building in Bancroft, Haliburton, Barry's Bay, Apsley, Coe Hill and surrounding areas.

We take pride in our professional services and excellent workmanship, and our very competitive pricing.  We offer the security of liability and WSIB insurance, as well as comprehensive contracts. You can rely on our excellent community reputation, over 30 years in the building trades industry, decades of heat-loss and ventilation training and hands-on experience to give you confidence in our methods and products.