Increase Your Rental Income! Small budget, big return on investment!

Increase your rental income with a low-budget makeover! The most frequent and cost-effective type of design makeover for a rental property usually involves updating the appearance of the kitchen with a fresh, new look, without changing the layout.  By renewing the walls, cabinetry, counters, floor, and keeping the basic colours neutral, this once-unappealing kitchen space took on a modern, clean, inviting look, with lots of options for a tenant to add their own touches.  Cut costs by recycling some aspects of the kitchen, instead of purchasing everything new. Kitchen cabinet re-facing or painting and updated hardware can go a long way in giving the whole space a face-lift. Clean appliances, good lighting, a cozy electric fireplace, an inexpensive laminate floor and a bit of staging gave this rental apartment a look that said “Welcome”.  

The rest of the apartment – 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and living space, was also given a fresh look – mostly by just painting, replacing worn-out fixtures and updating some of the flooring.  Lots of change for very little cost!  The result:  higher rental income, and more reliable tenants.  

BEFORE: cluttered, bland, outdated, stained vinyl flooring & counters, appliances in need of repair, single sink, taps leaking, inadequate task lighting - not a friendly space for attracting tenants.

AFTER - Neutral colours, resilient, inexpensive counters & laminate flooring, functional seating, gently used appliances & double sink, new cabinet hardware, lights, ceiling fan – say “welcome”to a tenant! CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE


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