You can bank on our guaranteed estimates

We are committed to the concept of a complete building process, and all proposals are done with careful consideration for all aspects of every unique situation. Accurate proposals are based on updated knowledge of the current building code, building methods and materials, regular skills training and over 25 years of experience. All final proposals/estimates are guaranteed (with a time limit). This means no surprises when the bill arrives.  

Sometimes, especially on older home renovation, it may be necessary to change the scope of work, but all changes in work contracted will be in writing & signed by all parties prior to the extra work beginning. We do not have a stack of extra work orders in the wings that will eventually raise the price of the project beyond our clients’ budget.  We make sure that our estimates include all the details required by our clients.

Remember that the lowest estimate is usually not the least costly in the end; if a contractor doesn’t correctly anticipate all the necessary work to be done, or purposely gives a lower estimate just to secure the job, hidden add-ons can greatly increase the overall budget