Your House as a System - Ventilation & Insulation

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Ice damming due to improperly installed insulation

Ice damming due to improperly installed insulation

One of the most frequent problems we see in homes – even new homes- usually results from a lack of information that homeowners (and often the contractors who have worked on their homes) have about their House as a System.  Like a car, a building is comprised of an integrated system of mechanical and design components that all work together, or don’t. If one component stops working – like the fan belt in your car, or the insulation in your home, it affects the entire unit.

For example, in the case of your home, improperly-installed insulation can have immediate, and dramatic results: ice damming on your eaves, cold drafts or hot patches that make you uncomfortable and generate high fuel bills, or condensation on your ceilings. Even more dramatic, expensive and often dangerous long-term results can occur if problems aren’t recognized early– like mold, dry rot, even extreme damage to your home’s structural makeup, like ceiling beams, floor joists, support walls, even the foundation and roof.

Here are a few ways to tell if you have a problem with the “system” that is your house:

  • Do you have mold in your basement, bathroom or along your window frames?
  • In the winter, do you have icicles hanging from your eaves? If you place your hand on your ceiling or walls can you feel cold spots?
  • Does your family have a high incidence of allergies or frequent illness?
  • Is your floor “sinking” in any given area?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, it’s important to get some expert advice before your home starts to affect the health of your family, and the structure of your home.  Any of these symptoms could mean serious structural damage has already occurred, but often, we can offer a remedy that isn’t expensive and just makes common sense – like more insulation or better ventilation.

We offer a free in-home consultation to determine the cause of your problem.  Then we’ll discuss how we can help you.  If we think an Energy Audit would better define the energy losses in your home that are causing your problems, we work with an expert in that field who can provide you with a comprehensive assessment and report to help us all understand the extent of the problem.  From there, we can determine the scope of work and work together to determine a solution, and a cost that can fit with your budget.  We can help you to lower your energy bills, be more comfortable in your home, and protect your valuable homeownership investment. You deserve a healthy living environment.

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