A story about how NOT to renovate!

When our customers purchased this beautiful lakefront house, their Home Inspection indicated no immediate concerns. But when they hired a company to add insulation to the attic after an Energy Audit, the insulation company refused to do the work until a structural engineer looked at the roof structure. After a thorough inspection, many dangerous issues were identified. As a result, we were hired to address the issues.  

We installed 3 new beams in the attic to support the roof, several in the crawl space to support the floor, and a vapor barrier on the dirt floor to eliminate a significant moisture problem. Along the way, we discovered footings that were unsafe, resulting in the necessary removal of the entire front wall to replace the foundation. Because the crawl space was too small to allow proper access, we had to remove all of the kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors and subfloors to fix it the right way. All of this expensive work had to be done because previous renovations were done without building permits, which would have resulted in standard inspections and detected these serious issues. At least some of these issues should have been identified by the initial Home Inspection.  

The house was under renovation for months, but the owners are thrilled with the improvements and finally feel secure that their roof won’t collapse or their floor fall out from under them.